House Calls

Comprehensive Care from the Comfort of Home

At Big Sky Natural Health your health is our priority. Sometimes getting to the Doctor's office can be a difficult given our schedules today. If you have mobility issues, childcare needs or an acute illness you're trying not to share,let us come to you! Whether it's IV therapy for you, a group, or maybe you're seeking Primary Care- let it be more convenient.

Big Sky Natural Health brings compassionate, comprehensive naturopathic care to the homes of patients of all ages, enabling them to:

  • Remain at home
  • Stay healthy before a condition or situation gets worse
You may benefit from a Home Visit if you:
  • Are home bound due to a medical condition
  • Have a difficult time getting to physician office visits
  • Had a major surgery and need post-surgical care at home
  • Are seeking palliative care

*Additional travel fees may apply depending on your location.