Michelle Veale Borden

Michelle has been in the field of functional medicine for many years and is currently working as a phlebotomist at Big Sky Natural Health while she attends MSU to become a nurse practitioner. She left a career in bioidentical hormone sales to practice medicine. She has trained at the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, where she learned about Naturopathic medicine and fell in love. Michelle and Kaley share the vision to create a community wellness center that focuses on sports and functional medicine.

An Air Force brat, Michelle hails from all over (Nebraska, South Dakota, Alabama) and discovered a love of medicine while studying at the feet of her father who actually convinced her not to go to med school the first time she attended MSU so she switched from pre-med to...theater.

In a former life and if you were lucky enough to be in Big Sky/Bozeman back then, you might even recognize her from the Huntley dining room or Broad Comedy. She is an avid Auburn fan so you know where to find her on Saturdays. You'll catch Michelle out running trails, racing, skiing, acting at WMPAC, or teaching improvisational theater to students and adults at the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center. She is the mother of two matching toe-heads, Smith (12) and Wallace (8), and she's still somehow married to Joe Borden, Big Sky's resident comedy writer and backwards skier.