Kelsey Benjamin, BSN, RN

Kelsey Benjamin, BSN, RN began her nursing career in 2016 as a Medical/Surgical nurse with Valley View Hospital in Colorado. Her interest in helping patients return to their sport guided her to a position in an orthopedic focused clinic, prepping and recovering patients after anesthesia. Since moving to Big Sky in 2020, she has worked in the Emergency Department at Bozeman Health and at the Big Sky Medical Center. Kelsey is passionate about optimizing health and helping people reach their potential. She is excited to be helping others in their wellness journey and will be combining her skills as an ED RN with Big Sky Natural Health to support IV therapy offerings. Outside of work, Kelsey enjoys cooking, traveling, and all things outside; backcountry skiing, running, hiking, mountain biking, and bringing her pup, Finley on the adventures.