Gregory Golden

I always lead and end with love. Community stems from unity of Self. And we all have a vision.

I specialize in Personal Guidance and Intuitive Understanding. Coming from
a background of photography, I understand the practice of finding and sharing
meaning, with a focus on vision. Each of us is given a unique perspective, and
how we each perceive life is of benefit to All. We are constantly discovering and
redefining our preferences and as a result, our lives change as they do. Life is
dynamic, we're navigating and experiencing it firsthand. It's about being present
and adapting to the present-a personal practice and dance we're all a part of.

I value Love, Community, and Vision-these are the forefront of how I chose to show up. I've created a Life I love to live: living for travel, connection, and alignment. Fully present and enjoying our usual Montana outdoor recreations, you'll find me backpacking, camping, hotspring-ing, playing volleyball, and snowboarding. In my free time, I love to read, hammock, and enjoy fine gatherings with my vibe tribe. I am so grateful for the gift and opportunity to get to show up in Life and excited to continue sharing this with others.

Let's celebrate Life together,
From Love, to Love, with Love,
-Gregory Goldin