Functional Lab Testing

Functional lab testing is the cornerstone of whole person care. This type of testing moves beyond traditional diagnostic testing. Instead of looking for and treating symptoms, functional lab testing looks at networks of function and causality in your body. It is through the understanding of why dysfunction is occurring in your body that allows us to customize care and work towards optimal health.

What testing is offered?

At Big Sky Natural Health we offer a variety of tests including blood, saliva, stool and urine testing. These avenues of testing can evaluate hormones and their metabolites, gut health and bacteria, food sensitivities, heavy metals, micronutrients, environmental allergens/toxin exposures, and metabolic factors.

Our healthcare providers will meet with you to assess the optimal route of evaluation for your individual concerns. Functional laboratory testing and evaluation is a critical component in gaining a more comprehensive understanding of how your body is functioning. Knowledge is power, and having the knowledge of why a particular disease state is present might be the most important factor in achieving optimal wellness.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Looking at conventional blood markers and assessing based on optimal levels. Too often people fall into "normal" ranges on their blood work performed by their doctors, and although they feel sick, they are told everything is normal. By taking a deeper look, and combining regular blood work with additional functional markers, a more comprehensive assessment can be made regarding one's health now and in the future.

Hormone Assessment

Blood samples, urine or saliva testing may be indicated. Comprehensive hormone testing is indicated for patients experiencing any hormonal imbalances including conditions benefiting from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Adrenal Testing

Saliva, blood or urine testing evaluates the health of the adrenal glands. This information helps determine normal or abnormal rhythm, and can differentiate between overactive or underactive adrenal function. This test is very helpful in patients with excessive fatigue, inflammatory conditions, hormone imbalance, weight issues, chronic illness, and chronic stress.

Digestive and Gut Function Analysis

Blood testing for food reactions or stool testing for extensive information related to digestive tract function and health. From this information you can determine whether you may benefit from removing certain foods or consuming them less often, need to improve digestive function by utilizing certain supplementation, or whether you have a situation that requires antimicrobials or probiotics.

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